President’s Message

Dear KAFA Members, Friends, and Supporters:

I am pleased to announce that Professor Yoon Ki Choi at the University of Central Florida has been elected as president-elect, who will join our next president, Professor Soku Byoun at Baylor University, in serving KAFA beginning this November. Also please join me in welcoming our new executive officers: Vice President Professor Joong Hyuk Kim at Korea University and Secretary General Korea Professor Noolee Kim at Hanyang University.

I thank Professors Yong H. Kim at the University of Cincinnati, Chan Wung Kim at University of Massachusetts Lowell (Chair), and Soku Byoun for serving with me on the nomination committee. I should also mention my appreciation for invaluable contributions by our outgoing officers: Vice President Hyun-Han Shin at Yonsei University and Secretary General Korea Professor Woojin Kim at Seoul National University.

Thanks to the continued financial support from Financial News (FN) and Shinhan Bank (SHB), we continue to recognize KAFA members’ outstanding scholarly achievements through various awards, including the FN-KAFA Eminent Scholar Award, SHB-KAFA Young Scholar Award, FN-KAFA Top-Journal Paper Award, FN-KAFA Doctoral Student Dissertation Award, and SHB-KAFA Best Paper Award. On behalf of KAFA, I congratulate all award recipients. I would like to thank Professors Jongmoo J. Choi at Temple University, Chan Wung Kim, and Soku Byoun for serving with me on the KAFA Award Selection Committee.

KAFA continues to offer two Korean and Asian sessions at this year’s FMA meetings. I appreciate Professors Soku Byoun and Hyun-Han Shin for organizing the two special sessions. Attendance at these sessions by KAFA members is essential for us to continue to keep the special KAFA sessions in future FMA meetings. The details of these sessions can be found in this newsletter. I also encourage all KAFA members to attend the annual business and dinner meetings scheduled for Friday (October 21st). I thank the Korea Institute of Finance (KIF) and Korea Capital Market Institute (KCMI) for sponsoring the KAFA dinner meeting.

In December, selected KAFA members will participate in the annual conference on Asia-Pacific Financial Markets (CAFM) Conference in Seoul. I appreciate KAFA members’ continued interest and support for this collaboration with the Korean Securities Association.

KAFA held a joint international conference in Seoul with KCMI and SKK GSB Sungkyunkwan University in celebration of our 25th anniversary on June 3, 2016. The conference theme in the morning panel session was “Issues in Investment Banking in Korea.” Over 40 academics and practitioners participated in the conference. I deeply appreciate the sponsors of the conference, including KCMI, Korea Investment & Securities, Mirae Asset Daewoo Securities, and Financial News for their generous donations. Many KAFA members have been instrumental in organizing the conference including Professors Chan Wung Kim, Soku Byoun, Ha-Chin Yi, Jin-Mo Kim, and Woojin Kim. I very much appreciate their time and efforts. I also thank the KAFA members who attended the conference in various capacities. The conference would not have been successful without their participation.
It has been an honor to serve KAFA as president for the past year. I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to Professors Soku Byoun, Jin-Mo Kim, and Ha-Chin Yi who have worked tirelessly as a team. Without them, I could not have done my job.

I look forward to seeing you all in Las Vegas.

Best regards,
Saeyoung Chang
2016 KAFA President
University of Nevada, Las Vegas