Life Members

Last Name Institution
Ahn Seoung Pil Ahn Sogang University
Bae Kee-Hong Bae York University
Bae Sung C. Bae Bowling Green State University
Baek H. Young Baek Nova Southeastern University
Baek Seungho Baek CUNY-Brooklyn College
Byoun Soku Byoun Baylor University
Chang Bo Young Chang Bank of Canada
Chang Kiyoung Chang University of South Florida, Sarasota
Chang S. J. Chang Illinois State University
Chang Saeyoung Chang University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Chay Jong-Bom Chay Sung Kyun Kwan University
Cheong Kwang Soo Cheong Johns Hopkins University
Cho Chanho Cho University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Cho Duckki Cho University of Sydney
Cho Sung Hoon Cho Korea Capital Market Institute
Cho Young Kwon Cho Chung-Aang University
Choi Daewoung Choi Louisiana State University-Shreveport
Choi Haemi Choi Loyola University Chicago
Choi Jaewon Choi University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Choi Jin Wook Choi DePaul University
Choi Jongmoo J. Choi Temple University
Choi Moon Sub Choi Ewha Womans University
Choi Nicole Yungjeong Choi University of Wyoming
Choi Seunghee Choi Drexel University
Choi Seungmook Choi University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Choi Woon-Yeol Choi People's Party (국민의당)
Choi Yoon Ki Choi University of Central Florida
Choi Youngmin Choi Georgia Institute of Technology
Chun Sungju Chun Boston University
Chung Hae Jin Chung KAIST
Chung Ji-woong Chung Korea University
Chung Kee-Ho Chung University (SUNY) at Buffalo
Chung Peter Chung University of California at Riverside
Chung Sam Y. Chung Long Island University
Eun Cheol S. Eun Geogia Institute of Technology
Han Jungsuk Han Stockholm School of Economics
Han Seonghee Han Pennsylvania State University at Abington
Heo Yuna Heo Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Huh Sahn-Wook Huh University (SUNY) at Buffalo
Hwang Byoung-Hyoun Hwang Cornell University
Jang Beomsik Jang Soongsil University
Jang Yeejin Jang Purdue University
Jang Yeonju Jang Florida International University
Jeon Jin Q. Jeon Dongguk University
Jeong Giho Jeong KAIST
Jeong Jin-Gil Jeong Howard University
Jo Hoje Jo Santa Clara University
Jun Chulhee Jun Texas Tech University
Kang Byoung Uk Kang Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Kang Eun Kang California State University at San Marcos
Kang Hyeong Seok Kang Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Kang Jun-Koo Kang Nanyang Technological University
Kho Bong-Chan Kho Seoul National University
Kim Bum Kim Soongsil University
Kim Byung Duck Kim Korea Institute of Finance
Kim Chan-Wung Kim University of Massachusetts, Lowell
Kim Dong Hyun Kim Ohio Northern University
Kim Dongcheol Kim Korea University
Kim Dong-Man Kim Cal State University-San Bernadino
Kim E Han Kim University of Michigan
Kim Gi H. Kim University of Warwick
Kim Hak Kon Kim KAIST
Kim Haksoon Kim Louisiana State University
Kim Hoikwang (Hugh) Kim University of South Carolina
Kim Hwanki Brian Kim University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Kim Hyun-Dong Kim KAIST
Kim Hyungseok Kim Korea University
Kim Jaemin Kim San Diego State University
Kim Jang-Chul Kim Northern Kentucky University
Kim Jin-Mo Kim Rutgers University
Kim Joonghyuk Kim Korea University
Kim Jungmin Kim Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Kim Jung-Min Kim University of Connecticut
Kim Kenneth A. Kim University (SUNY) at Buffalo
Kim Kirak Kim Arizona State University
Kim Moo Sung Kim Temple University
Kim Moon K. Kim Syracuse University
Kim Noolee Kim Hanyang University
Kim Raymond Kim Texas Tech University
Kim Sehoon Kim University of Florida
Kim Seoyoung Kim Santa Clara University
Kim Seung Hee Kim St. Louis University
Kim Suk Hi Kim University of Detroit Mercy
Kim Wi Saeng Kim Kyungnam University
Kim Won Yong Kim Augsburg University
Kim Woochan Kim Korea University Business School
Kim Woo Jin Kim Seoul National University
Kim Yong H. Kim University of Cincinnati
Kim Yong-Cheol Kim University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Kim Yongjun Kim University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Kim Andy (Y. Han) Kim Sung Kyun Kwan University
Kim Young Sang Kim Northern Kentucky University
Kim Youngsoo Kim University of Regina
Koh Woohwa Koh Ohio State University
Kwon Chung S. Kwon CAS Corporation
Kwon Yonghyun Kwon KAIST
Lee Chang Jun Lee KAIST
Lee Cheolwoo Lee Ferris State University
Lee Choonsik Lee Quinnepaic University
Lee DeokHyeon Lee KAIST
Lee Eun-Ju Lee University of Mass Lowell
Lee Gemma Lee Seton Hall University
Lee Geul Lee University of New South Wales
Lee Haekwon Lee University (SUNY) at Buffalo
Lee Hongbok Lee Western Illinois University
Lee Inmoo Lee KAIST
Lee Jinsook Lee University of Iowa
Lee Jongsub Lee University of Florida
Lee Junghoon Lee Tulane University
Lee Kuan-Hui Lee Seoul National University
Lee Sang Mook Lee Penn State University – Great Valley
Lee Sangho Lee Sogang University
Lee Sangwoo Jacobs Levy Equity Management
Lee Suin Lee University of South Florida
Lee Yong Lee McGill University
Lee Young Joo Lee University of Buffalo
Lim Yuree Lim University of Alabama
Min Byoung-Kyu Min University of Sydney
Na Haejung Na Korea University
Na Hyun Seung Na Korea University
Nam Kiseok Nam Yeshiva University
Noh Joonki Noh Case Western Reserve University
Oh Frederick Dongchuhl Oh KAIST
Oh Jong-Min Oh University of Central Florida
Oh Seungjoon Oh University of Michigan
Paek Miyoun Paek University of Cincinnati
Pak Simon Joong-Woong Pak Pennsylvania State University
Park Bo Kyung Park Seoul National University
Park Hyuna Park Brooklyn College – CUNY 
Park Jaehoon Park George Washington University
Park Jaewon Park KAIST
Park Jinwoo Park Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
Park Jung Chul Park University of South Florida
Park Kwangwoo Park KAIST
Park Yang-Ho Park University of Colorado at Boulder
Park Seongkyu (Gilbert) Park Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Park Sojung Park Cal State University, Fullerton
Park Yun W. Park Chung-Ang University
Pyo UnYong Pyo Brock University
Rhee Moon-Whoan Rhee Towson State University
Rhee S. Ghon Rhee University of Hawaii
Rim Hong K. Rim Shippensburg University
Seo Dongwook Seo Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Shim Hyeongsop Shim UNIST
Shin Hojong Shin Michigan State University
Shin Hung-Sik Shin Frostburg State University
Shin Hyun-Han Shin Yonsei University
Shin Tai S. Shin Virginia Commonwealth University
Shin Yoon S. Shin Loyola University Maryland
Sohn Wook Sohn KDI School of Publicy Policy and Management
Song Injung Song University of Georgia
Song Kyo-jik Song Sung Kyun Kwan University
Song Moon Hyun Song San Diego State University
Sul Hong Kee Sul WRDS
Sung Jaeyoung Sung Ajou University
Synn Wonhi Synn Elon University
Wang Shu Feng Wang Sungkyunkwan University
Woo Yeong-ho Woo  
Yae “James” Seung Min Yae University of Houston
Yang Dongryung Yang Seoul National University
Yang Jinsuk Yang University of Texas at Arlington
Yi Andrew ChunWon Sungkyunkwan University
Yi Ha-Chin Yi Texas State University
Yi Junesuh Yi Dongguk University
Yi Sangho Yi Segang University
Yoo Sehyun (Sean) Yoo Belmont University
Yoo Seung Dong Yoo Sangmyung University
Yoo Woongsun Yoo University of Buffalo
Yoon Suk Heun Yoon Soongsill University (visiting Seoul National University 2017)
Yun Hayong Yun Michigan State University



To join the KAFA, complete Please refer to the form and send it with the membership due to the following address.

Dr. Ha-Chin Yi

McCoy College of Business Administration

Texas State University

San Marcos, TX 78666


Please refer to the form for more details. The form may be submitted via email (  or fax (512-245-3089)