President’s Message

President’s Message


Dear KAFA Members, Friends, and Supporters:

The unusually brutal winter has finally yielded to a warm spring breeze. I am honored to serve the KAFA this year. I would like to thank Professors Soku Byoun (outgoing President), Ha-Chin Yi (outgoing Treasurer) and Jin-Mo Kim (outgoing Secretary General) for their outstanding service and leadership for the KAFA. Professor Byoun initiated new committees so that many members can share their expertise in shaping the future of the KAFA. We should keep strengthening each committee’s role.

I welcome KAFA’s new Executive Office members: President-Elect Professor Sahn-Wook Huh of University at Buffalo; Secretary General Professor Jung Chul Park of University of South Florida; Treasurer Professor Hyungkee Young Baek of Nova Southeastern University); Vice President (KAFA Korea) Professor Joonghyuk Kim of Korea University; and Secretary General (KAFA Korea) Professor Noolee Kim of Hanyang University. We also embark on a new task of improving the KAFA’s web management, for which Professor Kiseo Chung of Texas Tech University willingly accepted his role as Web Master. Moreover, KAFA elected new executive board members including Professors Ji-woong Chung (Korea University), Jongsub Lee (University of Florida) and Hyuna Park (Brooklyn College – CUNY).

During last year’s Annual Business Meeting in Boston, KAFA presented several awards to recognize KAFA members’ outstanding scholarly achievements. These awards include the Financial News (FN)-KAFA Eminent Scholar Award, Shinhan Bank (SHB)-KAFA Young Scholar Award, SHB-KAFA Best Paper Award, FN-KAFA Top Journal Paper Award, FN- KAFA Doctoral Student Dissertation Award, and Dr. Bong-Soo Lee scholarship. In addition, KAFA provided SHB-KAFA doctoral student research support to five doctoral students. On behalf of KAFA, I congratulate all award recipients and greatly appreciate Financial News, Shinhan Bank, and Chris and Paul Lee (Dr. Bong-Soo Lee Scholarship) for their generous financial support for KAFA awards. I would also like to thank Professor Bong-Chan Koh (Seoul National University, President of KSA) for sponsoring a KAFA executive meeting.

As in previous years, KAFA successfully offered two KAFA-FMA sessions at the FMA meetings in Boston last October. In the first Korean market session, moderated by Professor Soku Byoun, Professors Dong-Soon Kim (Chung-Ang University), Joon H. Hwang (Korea University), and Min Jung Kang (University of Michigan-Flint) presented their papers. In the second Asian market session, moderated by myself, Professors Ajai Singh (University of Central Florida), Jimmy Hilliard (Auburn University), and Woojin Kim (Seoul National University) contributed to presentations. Both sessions were very informative and well attended. I personally would like to thank all participants and especially Professor Joonghyuk Kim of Korea University for his sincere effort to organize the Korean market session.

We also had a joint seminar with Korea Capital Market Institute (KCMI) in Seoul, Korea on December 11, 2017. I want to thank Professors Hoje Jo (Santa Clara University), Kee-Hong Bae (York University) and Seungjoon Oh (Peking University) for their participating in the seminar presentations. I also send my special thanks to Drs. Dong-Hyun Ahn (President of KCMI) and Inhyung Lee (Vice President of KCMI) for organizing and supporting another impressive joint seminar.

Finally, KAFA solicited papers for the two conferences with our Korean partners, the KAFA- Allied Korean Finance Association conference and the KAFA-KIF joint symposium. You will find details on the joint conferences in this newsletter. Partial travel support will be provided to the presenters of selected papers at these conferences. Particularly, the KAFA-Allied Korean Finance Association plans a special 25th anniversary event this summer. Therefore, I encourage many of you to attend and celebrate the joint event.

As I mentioned at the last FMA meeting, it is time for every KAFA member to take charge as an owner-member in building KAFA by actively participating in various KAFA activities and committees. Together, I know we can make KAFA a great community that helps to promote and accomplish our members’ professional goals. I look forward to seeing you all in the upcoming conferences in Korea and in San Diego.

Best Regards,
Yoon K Choi
2018 KAFA President
University of Central Florida